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OUR Calla's

'' Zantedeschia’s'' 


Groot Export has developed a successful way of growing outdoor Calla’s (Zantedeschia’s) over past few years.


“After extensive testing over the past few years, we are now confident we found the best way of growing a successful product.  Our Calla’s are especially suited for use as container grown plants in gardens, on the balcony and terrace”.

When grown on a larger scale, Calla is known in the horticultural industry to have the potential to be a challenging product in the early stages of its growing process. The right compost, temperature and preparation are crucial for a good start of the Calla. That is why we do the preparation and pre-growing at our nursery and supply the plants when they are five weeks old.

After another six to seven weeks the Calla’s will be ready for sale. The Calla varieties we have selected produce a minimum of six flowers per plant, but generally many more. They have an excellent track record for being a very good seller at the end of the bedding plant season.

“We buy the best tubers (size 20/+) from selected growers who ensure we are always up to date with new availabilities on the market in terms of new varieties. This way, our standard collection always includes the best and newest varieties and colours. Our wide assortment has been exhibited at the Chelsea Flower Show and other established flower shows across the UK, regulary being awarded a gold medal’’

2018_Groot export_1 juni (52 van 258).jp

Our standard collection has got approximately 10 highliners. All varieties have been tested and proven themselves as a very reliable outdoor plant. Our pre-grown Calla’s are available in 2 litre and in 11 cm jiffy pots. The beauty of the jiffy pot is that they are made of biodegradable material. This makes them very suitable for repotting in terracotta pots or for direct planting in gardens and tubs.

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